check out my Tumblr!

check out my Tumblr!


So Yahoo! bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion cash. Crazy. What does it mean? Teens, the bubbling life blood of social networks, and at least 99.968% of Tumblr’s audience, are bemoaning the olds taking over the clubhouse. Some say it’s the apocalypse. Some say Yahoos! exclamation mark is dumb. The olds however are hitting back, mocking the teens as being hyperbolic while other olds are giddy this move could make Yahoo! bigger than Google.

Recently I started a tumblr (clickity click). Seeing how I’m old, I’m willing to share in the responsibility of triggering mankind’s downfall. Even as a decrepit newby though it’s easy to see Tumblr’s addictive appeal. Its simple, uncluttered ui helps you hit the ground running. The follow button is ever present,  tempting you to add fellow tumblrs to your list, growing your appetite for streaming eye candy, quotes, and inspiration. Tumblr rewards specificity, with its heaviest swingers carefully curating arcane, fanboyish subjects, all of which are a tag search away.

Right now, I don’t have a plan or road map. I was just looking for a place to dump random ideas, drawings, and comics. Until I do figure out my niche (uh huh, sure) it will be interesting to see if Tumblr figures out how to successfully monetize their content without alienating it’s users. One misstep is all it will take to spark a mass social migration, leaving Yahoo! a billion dollar loser.


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